Fashion Films according to Tornatore

(by Simonetta Buffo)

Giuseppe Tornatore himself speaks about his fashion movie for Dolce e Gabbana’s new fragrance “DOLCE”; he declares this is “not exactly a commercial nor exactly a movie”.
What is it then? If language is part of the definition of a medium what about the language here? Is it an advertising language, a movie language or a new one?
We deem the right answer is the last one. A new language is born, one that runs on digital highways bridging the usual (according to old school fashion communication) gap between dream and reality. We perceive a visual rethoric coming from photography as well as from cinema: it’s the engagement between the esthetic pleasure of a fashion image and the emotion of a romantic tale. The same engagement that compels to click again and again to share and comment.

Have a look: do you agree with the Oscar winning italian director? Any insight you’d like to share?



One thought on “Fashion Films according to Tornatore

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