Far far away

(by Simonetta Buffo)

Nowadays a fashion brand can transport its consumer into many Far Away Countries, with many types of fashion tale.

When the consumption is entertainment and experience, as certainly is in the fashion market, the objective of persuasion with ADS is simply crazy.

Probably this objective is crazy, for each kind of brand, in each kind of market.

Surely, the de-structureted nature of fashion communication of the past has sped up this process, with many positive and brilliant results.

Infact we may find many types of fashion movie: many stories, many codes, many meanings, many main characters. But there is just one world pictured in them: it’s the magic world of a dream, in which everything is possible, thanks to consumer’s imagination.

It’s enough to have the courage to live her/his dreams.

So in the fashion film by Trussardi – directed by James Lima and realized by Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimizu – everything is magic and surreal: a celestial rabbit escapes from the stars to lead the gilded greyhound on a wild goose chase around Milan — until he has to return to guard the Trussardi store come morning.

The same magical feeling is in Walking Stories by Salvatore Ferragamo (directed by Luca Guadagnino): thanks to a skilful mix and match of the past into the present, in which each location translates a state of mind for the two guys, we have the pleasure to follow this particular, strange and hyperbolic love story.

Two italian fashion brands, two stories about a different type of pursuit, in which we are following a Magical Moment.




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