Emotional empowering

(by Sofia Scatena)

Images, and moving images even more so, stir emotions in each and one of us. And as we all are unique, so are the emotions we feel. 

Here’s a stunning example of what I mean: the tribute those fantastic guys at Show Studio dedicated to the memory of Alexander McQueen. Directed by Nick Knight and commented by Björk oniric music, I think that many chords have been struck here. You cannot but agree that this is not a portfolio of the deceased stylist’s best outfits nor a mere suggestion of a dream world. This video is highly empowering from an emotional point of view. But what is emotional empowering? It’s the condition where you assess your skills, you take measure to change/improve them in order to achieve a higher objective. Empowerment happens when something makes you yearn for more having the confidence to achieve it.

What I feel when I watch this video? Personally I am stuck between the grace and perfection of the models/actresses/dancers (and their dresses) and the feeling of anxiety, sadness and even despair that the whole b/w mood conveys.

Which I think sums up the perfect essence of the controversial British couturier.


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