Seduction: from body to soul

(by Simonetta Buffo)

What does seduction mean in fashion nowadays? And which type of images’ language is it using for the new consumer?

Do you remember the Super Top Models of ‘90s? Naomi, Cindy, Linda, Claudia, Elle and many others? Do you remember their personalities, their elegance, their being glam, their bodies and their strong sensuality? Well, now forget them!

Nowadays the models are not model of life style or model of seduction, but they show a way to feel the life. This is becouse nowadays consumer is proud to be him/herself, with his/her individuality and authenticity; so the seduction by a brand cannot be an expression of perfect shapes but it must be a mood of soul.

Brand tells its stories, touching the deeper side of consumer; it shows an emotion, a mood, an atmosphere in which the consumer may live his/her own dream. So brand and consumer share the same feeling, the same emotional experience and the images are their medium.

Then fashion brand is a spirit in movement, a mind trip, a dreaming escape into a magic world.

Look at this example: Nick Knight (i love his visionaire language) for Hermes in FW 2011 created this fashion movie: here you have not bodies; instead we have two dancing souls, into a magical and dynamic and graceful atmosphere. The same into the fashion movie by Kenzo (FW 2013): created by Caroline and Humberto (the creative directors) and directed by Partel Oliva, a Bollywoodian ballet is the choice to communicate the style, the energy, the intensity, the spirit of Kenzo, where the movement –meaning as armony – is the protagonist and the body is in the background.


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