Provoking in fashion: a new era?

(by Simonetta Buffo)

Probably fashion can’t be itself without shocking. But which is the last frontier nowadays?

In fashion communication, provocation has often been synonymous of sensuality, sexuality, sometimes eroticism, and not only in underwear market.

We remember when in 1971 Jeanloup Sieff (1933-2009) photographed a young and naked Yves Saint Laurent for the AD of the first mascouline parfume by YSL. It was a scandal.

After him, we saw many and many others naked men and women and now we are not surprised to see a photo with an undressed model. This kind of image is not enough to shock us.

Then, how can fashion provoke reactions nowadays?

I think changing its own nature: sometimes putting in contact with the unusual,  sometimes picturing a surreal world, sometimes telling new type of story, sometimes touching strong situations of our life.

And fashion movie is always an important supporter, becouse it tells stories!

There are many examples (and we are going to talk about them), like  the last campaign of an American Fashion Company, the chain of luxury stores Barneys New York, photos by Bruce Weber: the title is “Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters”featuring 17 transgender individuals .

A strong and not common choice.

Weber said: “We’re all conscious in the last couple of years of all the strides that gays and lesbians are making in marriage equality, and it seemed that the ‘T’ in LGBT was getting a little bit left behind,”

The fashion movie breaks new ground, not only with the use of transgender models, but with its multimedia component, including a series of short films of the models (and their families) talking about their lives.

Is this just a new device for shocking? Or is it also an opportunity for us to talk about something of really new? At the end, are we in a new era?



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