A Web Aesthetic for Fashion?

(by Simonetta Buffo)

Of course, fashion movie has several opportunities of expression, in special way into a surrealistic world like the net is. But, can we talk about a web aesthetic? 

Remember? We talked about a new aesthetic (https://fashionlovesmovies.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/a-new-aesthetic/)  to explain the new language of fashion, in particular for fashion movie.

Now we have to consider another important element: fashion movie lives on line and, you know, channel influences the choice of codes.

It’s enought to see the last project by SHOWStudio.com (and by Nick Knight in special way!), #asif, for having a clear idea about it: here we have an apology of this visionary language; this excellent example of web aesthetic is an amazing patchwork of fashion and technological figures.

In this editorial for Vman magazine, infact, we are in a daze for a mix&match of moving images with a psychedelic mood: each image is born and breaks itself in less then a second under our eyes; the result is a frenetic and chaotic new dimension.

At the end, this game of shapes can remind us something of similar to everyday life: each moment burns too fastly, while the on-line / out-line experiences produce an endless and confused mix&match, in which we are living, sometimes as unaware victims of a technological pleasure.

What do you think about it?



One thought on “A Web Aesthetic for Fashion?

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