Punk emotions

(by Sofia Scatena)

“Punk was one of the most culturally important and far reaching movements in the last 100 years. Its influence is repeatedly seen every fashion season” says Nick Knight. On this assumption, SHOWstudio recently asked several fashion designers to express their vision of punk by creating a fashion film. This is Shao Yen Chen’s vision.

I clearly remember the late 70’s and early 80’s when I used to walk the high streets, hand in hand with my mom or dad on a saturday afternoon, being shocked by spiky hairdos, safety pinned faces, fluo garments and ripped off jeans and shirts. At the time I could not understand what these young people wanted to represent nor wanted in general. My parents simply found them despicable.

It’s only now that I can see the desire to shock, to provoke, to disrupt, to cut a break from the establishment represented by all those girls and guys who by creating their own outfits, hoped to mark their passage on this earth, adding a personal and unique touch  – albeit a destroying one – to reach a form of much desired self expression.

The same ideas lie behind the video created by Penny Lu and Shao Yen’s and the emotions I felt back then are re-awakened in a more subtle and chic way causing a totally different reaction: while at 14 I wanted to keep the longest distance possible from that world, now I feel very much attracted and I keep watching this video again and again.

This happens because back then, when meeting punks, I didn’t have any interaction. Nor wanted any because I felt threatened and somehow in danger. But watching this new punk on my laptop in the coziness of my room I feel very safe and secure. So secure that I feel like interacting with these images for instance by cropping a frame and using it on my desktop, by clicking the Like button, by sharing it with my friends till the ultimate interaction possible: clicking on the garments listed below the video to shop for them.

The choice of presenting such controversial issues (like those represented by Punk) through a new medium I feel very confident using, can definitely pay off.


Interested in fashion provocation? Click here




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