Fashion against Fashion

(by Simonetta Buffo)

It’s not so usual the biggest protagonists of fashion point to their own incongruities, but sometimes it happens!

Fashion machine is the last, strong, critical, wonderful fashion movie by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel: models, like inanimate mannequins, enter a cold machine and then get out in a new amazing total look, ready for being photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. The movie is black and white, except for the shooting moment, in a blue light.

The key concept is clear: professional modeling is hard, not always satisfactory, and not so human; models seem tools in the hands of fashion brands.

It’ s a very strong j’accuse, in particular because the author is Karl Lagerfeld – for Chanel -.

The same concept, perhaps even stronger, in Missing Tiger by David Zimmermann for Vogue Italia (May 2014): here the protagonists are two young women, the former is a creative director the latter a model; we don’t understand their relationship, but in the end we see that one woman kills the other one.

The stated meaning of the movie is the hard, competitive and cruel context in German fashion market. Question: is it really so only in Germany?

I admit i’m a little bit surprised: what is fashion telling us? And why does it choose these types of content? In the end, can fashion do it? And can we believe in it?

But, probably, everything is possible thanks to Fashion Movie!


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