Undress me

(by Sofia Scatena)

We recently wrote a post about the “First kiss” video. Now the author is back with a new clip focused on people undressing each other. Will it go viral again?

A few months ago I wrote a post about author Tatia Pilieva and her video about allegedly total strangers kissing for the first time. I was posing a question: “Is this fashion?”.

Well, I still do not hold the answer to that but I doubt that her new video may be considered fashion. Or can it? It’s clearly stated in the first frames that this is her tribute to Masters and Johnson’s first experiment leading to their breakthrough bestseller “Human Sexual Response” back in 1966.

The video shows a bunch of males and females (different ages and race) undressing each other and then jumping into bed together with different outcomes of the situation.

Ms. Pilieva herself says the video was made to promote the next season of video show Masters of Sex, a program on air in the US about the two american researchers pioneers of sex.

Then why am I talking about it on the pages of this blog? First of all because it’s a topic strictly linked to one we talked before but mainly because I was caught in surprise as I found out that the producers of the video are those fantastic guys at SHOWstudio, the home of fashion films (as their payoff goes). And so I wondered: “Is there a  way in which this video can be considered fashion”?

And fashion it may be then because, like it or not, it’s talking about dresses and outfits. Not being worn by models or people but un-worn.

Do you think this will go as viral as the previous one? Personally, I don’t think so. And the answer is rather obvious: no positive emotions are stirred. At least in myself. The prevailing emotions aroused here are awkwardness, invasion of privacy and all those negatively connotated feeling associated with “sex with strangers”. Not exactly a fashionable model.

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts!


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