Free of being

( by Simonetta Buffo)

Far away from fashion as life style, as status symbol, as paraded luxury of the past, nowadays fashion communication pictures a New Wonderland.

The woman dress”  or “The door”  by Miu Miu, “Candy” by Prada, “ Lady Dior L.A.” by Dior,  Lanvin “F/W 2012“, “Purple” By Giorgio Armani, and many many others. May be strange, but here we find something similar: I like to define it as “wind of freedom”.

Like Alice in Wonderland, the new protagonist in Fashion Movies exacts the possibility of being, showing his/her own uniqueness and breaking the chains of a conventional life. The message is: you can feel good just by following your own dreams.

Thanks to fashion, you can always be yourself, showing who you are.

Today fashion in ads is never an aspirational model (as in the ‘90s) but it’s a state of mind, an emotion, an authentic experience.

Fashion in fashion movies is the instrument against social uniformity. Everything else is boring.

This topic is very strong in the last fashion movie by Dsquared2, #perturbedwonderful: it is a more savory variant than the similarly themed men’s show in January; infact it seems a shadow of the soul-destroying grind of an institutionalized existence that saps the usual joie de vivre. The bore of being what society wants from us.

The meaning? Fashion as unique experience of freedom. The freedom of being.


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