A soft garden of femininity

(by Sofia Scatena)

No one more than a Japanese can convey the sense of loss, that sweet nostalgia that triggers new hopes. This is what fashion brand Tiit suggested in this short fashion movie back in January (2014). 

Japanese fashion designers Sho Iwata and Hiroshi Takizawa presented their a/w 2013-2014 Tiit collection  during Tokyo Fashion Week around the concept of “Garden”.

Don’t get confused by their name: just remember to add those double “ii”s to avoid any inappropriate misspelling 😀

This label stands out from the mainstream  – albeit new generation – japanese fashion designers like Junya Watanabe or Michiko Koshino for the delicate feelings it conveys; something between a reminiscence of the sharp cuts of the ’60s (hence the nostalgia) and a glimpse into the future with the juxtaposition of apparently disjointed textures (lace and leather) and lines that eventually melt into the quintessence of pure femininity.

I won’t get into the intricate image language of this fashion movie but one aspect really struck me: the accurate organization of the content so that we beholders can feel and perceive something meaningful. An example? The girl in the movie is clearly longing for a lost love and either wishing the arrival of a new one or the return of her previous partner. She’d like to start a new life (throwing dresses on the floor) which she fantasizes about, lost in an unreal (because computer enhanced) garden. The cognitive processes linked to this objective situation are very personal, subjective, unique but certainly cause one of these two actions: to regain from our memory past similar experiences or to daydream about future events that await us someday.

Actually the two designers say so themselves: “Our fashion is an imagined dream of daily life“.

Which is yours?


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