Net surreal aesthetic

(by Simonetta Buffo)

More and more fashion films are speaking a new web language: we are going to call it net surreal aesthetic.

Remember #asif and A web aesthetic for fashion? I talked about this new type of grammar and syntax of fashion communication on line, because I’m very interested in novelty.

Well, now I’d like to show you the new Stella McCartney fashion movie F/W 2014: the title is Kate dreams, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and musical composition by Fred Gibson; brand ambassador is the divine Kate Moss.

Stella McCartney says I wanted to escape into something surreal, and fashion should make us dream sometimes. Infact, thanks to a mix&match of dreamlike colors and dramatic backdrops while McCartney’s brightly coloured bags and shoes rain down around Kate Moss, we are catapulted into a surrealistic dimension in which nothing is real but dreams.

It’s clear: in these last years, fashion means escaping into our dreams. And surreal code is an important tool for doing it. We call it grotesque code.

In my last book (only in italian, i’m sorry) Modalità espressive del fashion advertsing, I explained this concept, having observed the history of fashion ads: from the XXs, grotesque images picture a world vision that is not fixed but flexible, because the truth is not unique, clear, defined, instead it’s evasive, various, eclectic. In conclusion, grotesque is an excellent way to express new consumers.

But now it’s important to notice that fashion is creating a new language for web, connecting grotesque codes to the moving images. Reality often is the starting point, but its several expressive potentialities are really booming. The goal? Causing total engagement.

I’d like to define this language as net surreal aesthetic. Do you agree?



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