La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2014

(by Sofia Scatena)

“Empower, Support, & Recognize the individual creative professionals who make up the fashion film community worldwide” is the payoff of La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2014.

The worldwide gathering of the fashion film community is closing in these days in California.

In between New York Fashion Week and Cannes Film Festival, La Jolla Fashion Film Festival brings together everyone revolving around the fashion business, from bloggers to international industry players to watch the best in global fashion film production.

Here’s the official site of the international award event but unfortunately – as of today – it’s not updated with the winners and it does not show trailers nor previews of the enrolled fashion movies.

So, if any of you, is attending or has news to share, please do post them on this blog or on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear from you!

But thanks to the great website of one of the judges, a friend of Fred Sweet’s, you can enjoy very interesting insights, previews and past years’ winners with insightful comments.

Have a click!



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