Kiss of the siren

(by Sofia Scatena)

The International Fashion Film Festival in La Jolla has just ended, celebrating the winning of “Kiss of the Siren” as best fashion movie. Here’s the full film. Breathtaking, literally.

You simply have to watch it and you’ll feel it in your guts why the new production from hairstyle and beauty care manufacturer NuMe got the award. The plot is intriguing: handsome guy falls in love with gorgeous siren, takes her to his laboratory to manufacture some legs and turn her into a real woman. Takes her to a costume party where jealous women make her feel uncomfortable to the point she decides to run away and dive back into the ocean, getting back  -supposedly – to her siren status.

The movie is directed by Miguel Gauthier and Viktorija Pashuta and stars Cassi Colvin, former house guest in US Big Brother 2013 turned model/actress.

I find that the opening frames are what hook us to the movie and make us stick to our screens because the emotion stirred by a mythical creature, such as a siren, immediately appeal to our subconscious, to our dreaming ability/possibility, to the halo of mystery that surrounds her kiss and (in)famous chant. And all this is amplified and brought together by the opening underwater scenes which made me literally hold my breath, as if I was underwater too, almost till the end of the movie, when the siren jumps up from a cliff back into her “natural” world, getting back her freedom.

The sense of identification I feel proves the sense of presence generated by the use of technology. The emotions I felt are amplified and not diminished by the mediation of a computer because it’s a medium that I know and can control, a medium that gives me confidence, that empowers me. Moreover, emotions depend upon the way in which we value and interpret them. So it’s not the event itself that causes an emotion but the memories, feelings, expectations we link to that event that do.

Thank God, this is personal and subjective so what I feel may be very different from what you feel. Which brings us straight to the point: what do you feel? Have your say!



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