Once upon a time, the commercial

(by Simonetta Buffo)

In the past, cash cow markets, like fragrances, produced commercial for their ads campaigns. Today  fragrances often use fashion movies too. Let’s try to explore the reasons.

It’s highly interesting to observe that several fragrances use fashion movies instead of classic commercial. Even companies call it film, not commercial nor ad.

The reasons are many. First of all, their structure has changed: fragrance commercials used to be pure suggestion but now with fashion movies something changed! Furthermore, they represent events and their life is mostly on the net: short movies, behind the scenes, interviews, links to a mini-site are usual.

An example is Guilty by Gucci, starring Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans, directed by Frank Miller. You probably know Frank Miller, the author of Sin City, a new type of noir comics, that revitalized the crime genre: he was able to link old narrative plots to new and futuristic worlds. In Gucci Guilty he suggested the same mix in a consistent way, adding to Gucci’s visual identity.

Another excellent and clear example of this new trend is Candy by Prada, a short movie (split into three episodes) by Wes Anderson (one of the most interesting and unconventional american movie director of these years) with Roman Coppola and starring Léa Seydoux: here an unconventional and nice girl enjoys herself playing the love game with two boys. The Company itself defines it fashion movie.

We talked about Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana and before it, Street of Dreams the fashion film for TheOne parfume, shot by Martin Scorsese and starring Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey

The same ideas apply to Dior Addict by Ryan McGinley with Sasha Luss: a young and blonde girl is enticed by a mirror, as she approaches,  she magically falls into it. Behind it, she finds a sort of wonderland with its magic item, Dior Addict perfume. We are invited to enter into wonDIORland thanks a link www.dioraddict.com, where the experience becomes virtual. Once again, Alice in Wonderland.

So, what’s your favorite fragrance fashion movie?


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