Fashion in film or fashion film?

(by Simonetta Buffo)


Here the last movie by David Lachapelle . I really like it but I’m a little bit confused too! Is it a short movie, a videoclip, a commercial or a fashion film? I’d like to share our points of view. Here is mine.

Have you seen Evening in space by David Lachapelle, starring Daphne Guiness, heiress, style icon, eccentric lady with her misterious, royal and restless beauty?

You know, Daphne’s family is the famous producer of Guiness beer: so she manages the family patrimony and has a business in fashion market too. Moreover, in this video, she is a singer.

Well, I’m going to understand with you why it reminds me a fashion film more than a videoclip. The relationship between music and fashion is always been very, very strong, of course.

But what about this movie?

The context appears a New Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1927) with bright and pastel colours, in a typical Lachapelle style. In a rush of emotions, the absolute protagonist is a modern Mata Hari: she is a mix between Greta Garbo and Lady Gaga. She looks the Queen of East and West of the World; she is a golden star, a goddess.

She is also victim and tormentor of a divine creature (or is he a space-man?), till this futuristic Dracula transforms her in the same strange creature.

Above all, she is one and many: just thanks her several looks, she can change and play with her identity. We can say: Fashion is the motor of the whole movie; it’s the magic wand for the woman and it’s not relevant if she is witch or fairy. Probably that’s one of the reasons for what I’d like to call it fashion film.

That’s it; but what else?

Emotion, that’s the absolute king. Not one and defined emotion, but a moving and chaotic vortex that dominates above all. Like in fashion film!

In other words, watching Evening in Space we can feel and live the same atmosphere of the latest fashion stories: a storm of emotions produces many and many emotional states; so it makes us feel dazed and confused.

At the end, can it be defined fashion film?

I answer yes!


One thought on “Fashion in film or fashion film?

  1. I love David La Chapelle, whom I interviewed back in 2001 and I love to see how much his vision of fashion, art, style has evolved into something really modern, flashy, intriguing. In my opinion this is definitely a fashion movie, it has all the right ingredients but something’s missing: this movie is NOT linked nor sponsored by a brand. How so? Maybe because Ms. Guinness IS the brand? Love this!

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