Agent Provocation

(by Sofia Scatena)

The steam had not blown off yet that a new video just appeared for UK lingerie brand Agent Provocateur starring the most gorgeous models on earth directed, once again, by spanish Oscar winning actress Penelope Cruz. Apparently nothing “brainy” here, only “cheap” emotions. But do they work the same?

Actually I prefer more conceptual productions (like SHOWStudio‘s clips) as I find it very hard to include this kind of ads under the “fashion movie” label. But be it as it is, these two clips are the actual ads that went on air for the new campaign of Agent Provocateur lingerie designed by Penelope Cruz herself. The beautiful and sexy Spanish actress, being heavily pregnant, does not star in the movies but all her relatives do: husband Javier Bardem, sister Monica, brother Eduardo (he actually wrote the soundtrack), best friends Miguel Angel and Irina Shayk

Like Louis Vuitton’s campaign “Invitation au Voyage“, the plot of his serie is based on the same plot. A young and very attractive man is having a dream where all these fantastic, scantily clad, übersexy girls, dance, walk, have sex, kiss etc. etc. Whether at a urban party or in the middle of a desert, the message is clear. All very usual and conventional (for a man, as hubby tells me). But if the videos stopped here, I would happily dismiss them as sexist trashy ads. So what makes them memorable and acutely enjoyable? The last sequences where, in both movies, the guy wakes up to his actual reality: a street worker (albeit with Javier Bardem as a boss) and a desperate loner with some dirty and ugly underwear in his hands.

Let’s admit it: we have all smiled. And this is exactly why we remember these videos and find them enjoyable: both men and women (hands clapping for Penelope) have felt the supreme positive emotion: LAUGH. And this makes all worth it.

Just watch them and prove me right :-D.



And this is the latest which aired only a few days ago.





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