Frames of Brand

(by Simonetta Buffo)

Today many brands are showing interest in fashion film not only as a new branding tool but also as a new visionary language with more and more possibilities of treatment and application. This is an important signal, that proves its great possibilities.

Indeed, in addition to a lot of Fashion Film Festivals in the most important fashion towns (you know, just for example, Fashion in Film in London , ASVOFF in Paris, NYFFF in New York ), some Maisons create their own research laboratory, or rather something like a breathing space about this new communication strategy, exploring new areas .

An important and enduring example is Women’s Tales, a chapter of Miu Miu web site: we can watch eight short movies (till now) by eight different female filmakers: moods, colors, protagonists, situations, countries are different but the deep identity of those women is always the same. It’s the woman, according to Miu Miu.

Then, Louis Vuitton created (only) two edition of Journeys Awards (the last one in 2012), an event in which young international filmakers submit their short movies about the meaning of travelling (key concept of the brand). In the last edition, the topic was “trip as encounter”. The jury president was Luca Guadagnino, the famous italian filmaker.

Another case: a few months ago, Giorgio Armani launched a new communication project in partnership with Rai Cinema: Frames of life, whose advertising campaign started back in 2010 but now it is also an on line and pioneering event about the eyewear collections.

Essentially, it involves students from six prestigious international film schools. Students are assigned the task to create short auteur films that represent different moments of life; that describe a city’s perspectives; that seize emotions and situations by using the Frames of Life collection eyeglasses as a perceptual filter. The collaboration of Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino is another important element of enthusiasm and motivation for these young talents.

So, once again the key concept of the brand (not-ordinary daily life style) is the starting point for scouting new talents and for exploring new horizons in fashion communication.

For the first movie, Sorrentino selected Piero Messina, his assistant and a graduate of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, to direct the pilot, that includes unreleased sequences from Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty.

Here you can also watch the new advertising campaign in video, The Encounter.

The narrative plot is very simple: a love story in Shanghai shows the encounter between East and West of the World in a dreaming but real atmosphere. The city, Shanghai, is seen through the eyes of an eastern man and a western woman:  choosing their way, they are choosing their life. The situation reminds us of the movie Sliding Doors, by Peter Howitt (1998).

The language of these two fashion films is very different, but both tell us a fashion tale: the elegant, soft & hard, up to date world of Giorgio Armani.

To me, no one is the best; their goals are simply different and, nowadays, both are essential for a fashion brand.


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