In a world in which everything is possible…

(by Simonetta Buffo)

… fashion show met fashion film and fell in love with it.

In these days we are waiting for new fashion shows in the most important Fashion Towns. We are waiting for knowing novalties and new trends, not only in clothes. Personally, I am very curious to see just the fashion shows themselves.

Few days ago, i-D magazine said:

Great clothing is art, yes. And the fashion show is its own form, spectacles like Alexander McQueen’s holograms, Rick Owens’s step dancers, and Karl Lagerfeld’s supermarket have shown us that over and over again. To use one more industry comparison, keeping the plebs out of Fashion Week because they don’t “understand” (and therefore don’t properly “appreciate” or “know how to behave around” fashion) would be like only allowing academics into the Louvre. Simply put, if a great fashion show is art, then it shouldn’t be a privilege to see it

I agree: sometimes fashion shows are mesmerizing ; they are Art.

I really like Rick Owen’s step dancers, but also Dsquared2 and Kazaky Show (SS 2012) , or Thom Browne (SS 2013) with his spice-men or monsters; or the women Prada in an avant-garde exhibition (ss 2014).

But first of all, I notice that fashion shows have changed.

And it has been possible probably just because everyone of us can see a fashion show yet, in streaming live or simply on You Tube thanks the web.

So it has changed its language.

Now fashion shows set a Fashion World as a fashion film does: indeed, sometimes it looks more a fashion film than a traditional fashion show.

Or, better, the borders between them are not so sharp: new protagonists of these new fashion stories are clothes and scenic context together.

In 2009 Gareth Pugh substituted even his fashion show with an amazing and revolutionary fashion film (by SHOWStudio) at Pitti Florence.

But then, do you remember fashion film with dancers by Kenzo and the post about it? Is it really different from Fashion Show by Rick Owen with dancers?

And then, observe Louis Vuitton SS 2014; the princesses of Elie Saab (FW 2014-2015); the nice flight by Jean Paul Gautier (FW 2014-2015)  ; several fashion shows by Victoria’s Secret: don’t they use the same language of fashion film?

What about Dolce e Gabbana’s fashion show (FW 2015)?

This fashion show reminds us of a frame of Tim Burton’s movies; the mood is a classic fairy tale mood: type of music, dark woods, queens, princesses, kings, crowns, red apples and so on. Without forgetting the sicilian flat cap.

A few weeks ago, the fashion film.

Are they really so different?

In my opinion, nowadays fashion shows and fashion films tell fashion stories using a common language.

Evaluate this yourselves.

And let me know your opinion.

Now we are waiting for the new fashion shows!


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