FFFMilano: about creativity in fashion (film)

(by Simonetta Buffo)

I have thought for a long time that Milan needed an event about fashion film: infact, it is the last Fashion Town having created a Fashion Film Festival. But now, the news!

Sunday, September 14, the Fashion Film Festival Milano was inaugurated: what a pleasure for me! And obviously I went.

The event was held by Camera della Moda Italiana, in particular it was organized by Costanza Cavalli Etro and Gloria Maria Cappelletti, the curator, inside Piccolo Teatro Grassi, a wonderful place between Duomo and Castello Sforzesco. In few months, they grouped a lot of fashion films by young filmakers but also by fashion brands.

They have choosen only a few of these movies for two days of event (September, 14-15) and, as they said, they have not had a criterium in this choice, becouse languages and aesthetics were very different. Indeed we watched different ways of using fashion film as a communication tool and, sometimes, in my opinion, it was not so evident what there was in common among them.

Anyway, I especially liked Julian Zigerly, the young Swiss designer, that Armani likes too. This fashion film uses the new language of the net, in a consistent way with the brand style. Interesting.


Then I liked to see again a fashion film by a blogger in Tokyo for Furla, Candy Bag. #candycool.

Candy Bag is a talent-scouting project, to create a melting pot of contemporary creativity all around the world. In this case, the team leader is the Japanese blogger and trend setter Misha Janette, who found the most creative artists in Tokyo with the help of Sayumi Gunji, creative director in Vogue Japan. The fashion movie is an interesting example of how web can be auto-referential now.

At the end of Sunday, there was a conversation between Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia -Editor in Chief) and Claudia Donaldson (www.nowness.com). There was a dissertation about fashion communication, also on the net. They said also that people love stories, and this would be true in special way in fashion film.

Do you agree? I’m not so sure.

But the sentence that moved me is: Only concept will be able to work in future by Franca Sozzani. This is true for styling first of all, but then i think also for communicating. According to Sozzani, there is a lot of superficiality in these days in which everything burns very quickly.

I totally agree. And you?

Anyway, have any of you seen the Festival? What did you think about it?



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