Fashion Film, this unknown

(by Simonetta Buffo)

Are we sure the meaning of fashion film is clear? If you would like to, tell me your interpretation.

I’m going to start ordering short movies, in which fashion is the main protagonist: probably this is the first step to identify those common key factors, that can explain the meaning of fashion film.

I have found several different types.

The first one is fashion movie with a narrative plot, I mean a story with a beginning and –sometimes – with an end; so time and space are the two fundamental variables. An example? The episodes of Lady Dior.

Then, there are those in which everything revolves around the personality of an ideal consumer, like Ermanno Scervino: the last brand ambassador, Lindsey Wixson in the new ads campaign, shows the ideal woman of this brand, that is not ordinary but daring and sensual. The two last brand ambassadors were Asia Argento and Alice Dellal. Definly not common women.

In the third type, the aesthetic and artistic pleasure are the main factor; do you know Sonomorphic Mirror by Or probably you remember the amazing Tribute to Alexander McQueen.

Here we also find those fashion movies that are shooting in movement; I like a lot Lanvin SS 2013.

But, the back stage fashion film is another one, in which we can see the real shooting, as in Valentino SS 2014 by Craig McDean.

Finally there are fashion movies with a deep ethical value (more than you can imagine!), like, for example, in Cinematic, the Vogue cover and editorial by Steven Meisel in april 2014: the title is Horror Movie and the item is the violence to women. This short has been discussed a lot because of its very strong images, but the goal of talking about the problem has been reached!

Now, I fear I’m missing something. Would you like to help me??

Anyway, these films are different, of course, but they have at least one factor in common: they represent a fashion experience: in each movie we can share an atmosphere or a feeling thanks to the engagement of several senses, diving into a worderfashion world.

And this is what a fashion addict likes and finds.

But I ‘m not going to stop here. Other factors? Work in progress. (Wo)man at work.





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