Bodies on the net: Broken or Recomposed by fashion?

(by Simonetta Buffo)

The new net surreal aesthetic produces new segmented shapes of the human body, towards a story building approach. Surely intriguing images, but can they be defined glamorous?

Crazy: every time I watch fashion ADS campaigns, one more time i’m surprised to notice how modestly they are fashionable – in a traditional meaning of this word.

Super Top Models like Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crowford, Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macphersons, Christy Turlington were authentic teachers of an elegant and fashionable style. And ADS campaigns shined the same light. The ‘90s trends of many and many fashion styles have incresed from 2000 and now fashion has not one but many different types of way to be elegant: you may have a classic elegance, but also an unconventional elegance, a modern elegance, a surreal elegance and so on. Same trends are in fashion communication.

So nowadays in fashion the main concept is not: try to be like me because I’m the Beauty: Nowadays by contrast it is: try to be Yourself, with your own style, because the only value is to be authentic.

In this context, in fashion ADS body is not something that can intensify a Beauty model, rather it is a piece of person, more or less it is an accessory with whom he/she can play, building up one personality of him/herself. As you know, eclectic people – like consumer is today – need to write many kinds of stories.

More over, let’s not forget that brands are passing through a story telling phase towards a story building phase.

So body is a chance to talk about something more than an idea of beauty. Instead, consumer and brand together have the tangible opportunity to build up new tales of fashion brand. In particular, consumer has a tangible opportunity to be a real co-author, a real pro-sumer (producer+consumer) of branding.

This new type of body language is often used, but in some cases it is more evident than in the others. Probably you remember Kenzo, Stella McCartney,

#asif,  several movies for Gareth Pugh, and now Knot for Bottega Veneta

and This is Boss for Hugo Boss

at the end also H&M for its new sustainable collection

Broken or Ricomposed by fashion, nowadays the body has a net reality which is surreal: frames of the human body can be put back together for creating new fashion tales.

In particular for me, this is a wonderful, rich and new starting point to observe the net aesthetic of fashion films.

Anyway, we can ask this question: are these images really glamorous? And so, which’s the meaning of fashion nowadays? And then, how many answers are there to this query?


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