Fashion film as medium for social issues: is it credible?

(by Simonetta Buffo)

The relationship between social values on one side and fashion industry on the other side is not so simple. also talks about it and gives us its answer. So I’d like to share my opinion with you about fashion films and social items.

In an article, starts from the last fashion show for Chanel, in which models played a feminist protest holding signs with slogans such as “History is Her Story,” “Make Fashion Not War,” and “Tweed Is Better Than Tweet.” But in other parts of the World there are real protests for real human problems, so it askes the question: Can fashion be a credible medium for discussing social issues?

Its answer is yes, and it shows many examples: Jean Paul Gaultier used over –size models for his fashion show, or Vivianne Westwood who always organizes fashion shows focusing on a social issue, and the last one was about the Scottish Indipendence. Or Stella Mc Cartney and her awarness for animals, that was proved in her fashion shows too.

So, We are observing that fashion films are often focused on a social issue too.

Do you remeber Cinematic by Vogue Italia, about violence against women? Or the fashion film by the chain of luxury stores Barneys New York, by Bruce Weber (2014), Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughtersfeaturing 17 transgender individuals about the life of these people? Or Somebody by Miu Miu about the new human fragility?

Then Tim Walker in Mechanical Dolls 2011 for Vogue Italia, where models look like porcellain dolls, without emotion, without personality and overall without life.

And what about the theme of rivalry among models, like in Battle of self for FLAUNT Magazine

or in Missing Tiger pubblished by VTalents by Vogue Italia

Or fashion films about the cruelty in fashion world, like in Fall Winter Spring by Astrid Salomon or in Fashion machine by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

At the end the question is the same: is fashion film a credible medium for social issue? Can we deduce that fashion system wants to share its dreams and its troubles with us, sometimes far from the lights of runway?

I think yes.

Fashion film is the new communication format that can be used in many and many different ways for reaching the same goal: to involve consumer and to create a good relationship between brand and consumer, sharing the same ideas, doubts, delights, worries.

The reason of this is that the key word of today is: sharing, also for the fashion luxury brands.


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