(by Simonetta Buffo)

Have you noticed how many fashion films are in noir ? According to you, which is the reason for this?

We can start from Fendi’s fashion film by Karl Lagerfeld, where two young women, Cara Delevigne and Saskia De Braw live a strange and disturbing situation in an Italian gothic Maison: they have to wear Fendi for becoming free again. The title is : Invito pericoloso (Dangerous invite). Really a hitchkokian atmosphere. But what is really happening?

The same feeling for Dsquared in Behind the Mirror, in which the mistery is the most important character: In an alternation between hitchkokian and discoteque music, the thriller tells a strange and nice story of identity.

And what about Femme Noir Short Fashion Film for Ystyle, with a francoise style also in the construction of the narrative plot: it reminds me a Maigrait story, where everything is very confused. We can watch not a waman, but many misterious and sensual women, in many intriguing plots. The location, the music, the atmosphere, the type of women, the magnificent parisien mood are strong narrative elements.

And Noir is the Lady Dior’s mood in its fashion movies: it is the colour of one of episodes, Lady Dior Noir Affair, that is located once again in Paris, starring Marion Cottilard: indeed she is brand ambassador of Lady Dior. This film has an amazing ending image on the Eiffel Tower

but also Lady Dior Grey London is a thriller; this time the town is London.

And then there are the amazing Lady Dior Blue Shanghai, by David Lynch

and Lady Dior Rouge, The eyes of Mars, directed by Jonas Akerlund

The main question always is: who is this woman?

According to me, this is the reason for what the thriller style is used frequently in fashion film: at the end it causes a question, a doubt in us. And so, overall, we can give our personal answer.

These types of fashion film realize a new narrative program, in which story telling process is substituted by a story building process; so the consumer is trasformed in a pro-sumer and can live a personal and unique experience,exactly what he/she loves to do today.


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