The meaning of story building

(by Buffo Simonetta)

Recently I watched again an old fashion film by Ruth Hogben for WMagazine; the title is Come and Find me (2013). An excellent example of story building.

You probably remember this filmaker for her amazing projects with SHOWStudio.

This fashion film, starring Cara Delevigne, is a mesmerizing example of story building approach: it shows a young and pure white woman of the past (probably the end of XIX Century) inside a garden: while she is lying down, she is spied on by a terrible, frightful, dark man; so she begins to run. When she stops, she finds a red petal in her hand, and immediatly a mysterious, terrible, black woman appears: she is herself, but in a black and frightful variation: while the white woman is running away, the black woman is dancing with many terrible, frightful and dark men, till an unaspected end.

What’s the meaning of this film? What’s happening really?

Everyone of us can give our own answer. And this is the strength of this approach: there’s a beginning of the story but not an end: indeed the story doesn’t seem anything like a sermon, telling a great Truth, but rather a disturbing starting point calls into question the borders between the dark side and the pure side of a woman.; at the end, nothing is fixed but everything is moldable.

Well, in a time in which the consumer is a new pro-sumer, with this kind of stories each of us can finally be free to build the fashion tale that he/she likes.

And this is the real and deep meaning of story building!


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