Business of fashion film

(by Simonetta Buffo)

Fashion film is a way in which fashion can show its visionary soul, of course. But now I want to underline another aspect: fashion film as a new interesting strategic instrument that produces business. Would you like to have proof?

Sometimes I talk about fashion films with some colleagues of mine, that are skeptical about the revolutionary strength of fashion film and sometimes they ask me the reasons of my interest.

Surely I am fascinated by this new language, because of its new codes, new rules, new dynamics. But there is something more.

Fashion film is a new strategic tool of communication in fashion, that can produce business. Some cases?

The One That I Want” is the newest fashion film by Chanel N 5, starring Gisel Bundchen: after less than a month the numbers are these: 5 milion views on YouTube, more than 50.000 share and more or less 300.000 likes on Facebook, more than 11.000 retweet on Twitter and 14.000 people have it as a preferite; at last on Instagram 35.000 likes.

What about Cover Girl for the cover of Vogue America in February 2014, starring Lena Dunham and the international editor Hamish Bowles? In few weeks, this film has been shared over 14.800 times only on Facebook and generated such buzz that Vogue released a second video teaching viewers how to do the dance themselves.

And then L’invitation au Voyage by Louis Vuitton, starring Arizona Muse and David Bowie (2013): about 20 milions of views and more than 70.000 share only on Youtube in the first three months.

Another example? T by Alexander Wang for SS 2013 which has netted a remarkable 492,000 views in the five weeks since its release.

And before, in 2012 the video of Dior ““Secret Garden – Versailles,” shot at the Château de Versailles has clocked over 23 million views, a staggering number that could make it the most popular fashion film ever, surpassing last season’s CGI epic L’Odyssée de Cartier,” which currently has almost 16 million views.

Well now, in your opinion can fashion film produce business or not?

Overall, what is Italian Fashion doing to explore this novelty?


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