Reincarnation: Story telling in the luxury market

(by Simonetta Buffo)

It’s evident that Karl Lagerfeld is a great expert in using communication tools; now the latest fashion film, Reincarnation, is an additional proof.

Luxury needs to be Myth, J. N. Kapferer said in Luxury Strategy (2010) and Karl Lagerfeld knows it very well.

We can watch several fashion films about the history of Coco Chanel, as designer but overall as a woman, on the Chanel web site. This is an amazing way to transform an uncommon life into a legend.

Some months ago, Chanel intrigued us, with an preview: a new fashion film was coming out, starring Cara Delevigne, Pharrell Williams and, of course, Geraldine Chaplin (as Coco Chanel) with a new song by Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevigne. How many elements of curiosity there are! Immediatly a certain number of friends, students and colleagues of mine started talking about it.

Two or three days ago, the movie came out on line. And immediatly a lot of friends, students and colleagues of mine shared it on fb and on other social networks: now on facebook alone, we can notice 900.000 views!

What about the movie? Seven minutes in which reality and dream combine themselves, producing a suggestive retro atmosphere, in a mix between history and legend. The song is a celebration of the logo (CC), sung by Princess Sisi (Cara Delevigne) and her Prince (Pharrell Williams), to the notes of a music box.

And in this dream world, the famous jacket by Coco Chanel was born. Because luxury lives on myths and legendary mystery.



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