Fashion Film and the power of fashion

(by Simonetta Buffo)

Recently two of the most important European Fashion Film Festivals gave a prize to fashion films that are very similar in contents but seem far far away from the world of fashion. They talk about the new human fragility. Strange? Let you be the judge.

In the last edition, ASVOFF awarded CONNECTING as Best Emerging Talent: it’s a fashion film for V Magazine by Jacob Brown, starring Bella Thorne, in which the protagonist feels satisfied with herself only when she is with her technological friend (a tamagotchi on her smartphone); not even a lover can be enough for her: she needs her tamagotchi.

In the same manner, in its last edition, BfFF awarded a fashion film for Vogue: the title is SCRIPTED CONTENTS, directed by Matthew Frost and starring the December cover girl Jessica Chastain. Here the mood is ironic and fun: a man is told to take a picture of a famous model by his smartphone. Indeed he received messages from the “dude” – phone.

How odd!

If I think of a movie about love, I think about Love story (1970). How many moving emotions there were in that film! It showed the meaning of true love. Or Pretty woman (1990), the modern Cindarella. There were so many other love films in the past.

But nowadays? What kinds of deep love and emotions are pictured now?

And overall, what do they have to do with fashion films?

Indeed, two important fashion magazines decided to use this communication tool for talking about the new human fragility. As Miu miu has done with SOMEBODY, remember?

And two of the most important Fashion Film Festivals gave a prize to these types of movie.

Isn’t it bizarre?

Well, I think in the 2.000s fashion wants to be a powerful instrument, that can help communicate the personality and the unicity of each of us. And we are sometimes strong and sometimes weak, sometimes a winner and sometimes only a fighter. It doesn’t matter. I am always authentic.

I am what I am is the main fashion content nowadays.

So Fashion Film is that revolutionary instrument which can talk about people too: passions, delights, desires, fights, ambiguity , fragility can be the new protagonists in fashion tales. Clothes play a new role: they portray various games of transformation, simply to demonstrate the opportunity of being her/himself.

Because fashion film can amplify the fashion power, even when it means thinking about the new human fragility.


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