Young Talents and fashion film: which future in Italy?

(by Simonetta Buffo)

What a pleasure: the NOUVELLE VAGUE mood recovers itself in a glamorous fashion film thanks to a young French filmaker: Julien Landais, with the precious contribution of Diane Pernet. We know Diane Pernet is a reference in the World of fashion films, and not only in France. But in Italy? Are young talents helped? Are they able to experience a new italian approach just to fashion film?

Der Doppelganger is the title of this fashion film for Vogue Italia: you know, it means duplicate and in general it shows the good and the bad side of a person. There is something fatal and tragic in this word. And this fashion film picture the intimate journey of a white man, inside a historical building, till the moment in which he meets another self in black: he is a vampire that creates a final distance between his white self and the “angels’ world”.

It’ s surprising how Julien Landis can use the camera as a pencil, following a French tradition of a camera-stylò: it seems like a tool for investigating inside each of us ; the result is a public confession of human fragilities. And this is exactly the way in which Nouvelle Vague interpreted Cinema: we remember very well some motions of cinecamera, that pictured motions of soul, by Alain Resnais, or Francois Truffaut, or Claude Chabrol or Eric Romer.

But this movie is something more, because it speaks a fashion language too: many frames remind me of fashion photos, with their mysterious mood, not common and fashionable atmosphere. Last but not least, the exclusive context defines a timeless dimension, in which we can lose ourselves. At the end, this is its own strength: a French, fresh contribution to fashion language, that continues a great cinematographic tradition.

Now my main question is: are Italian young talents supported for exploring a new Italian approach to fashion film?


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