(by Simonetta Buffo)

Forty Years of Armani Empire and Re Giorgio uses some fashion films to reinforce his myth.

Luxury needs myth, Kapferer said.

And we know that fashion film is a powerful tool for creating legendary luxury brands.

We have learnt to love fashion films about Coco Chanel, by Karl Lagerfeld, for example: we can find many episodes in Chanel’s web site, in which it’s possible to discover Mademoiselle Coco, going beyond her personal story: a speaker tells us the legendary life of this lioness-woman, recurring to the fairy-tale formula Once upon a time. And myth becomes still stronger.

In these days Giorgio Armani has opened a mini-site, that’s called #atribute : 40 appointments to show off himself during these 40 years of activity.

In some of these chapters about his life, sincerly he tells his personal and legendary story from his own voice, using just short movies: he looks a man, before looking that genius in fashion that we know. He talks about his way of living, working and creating. And yet, in that illusory normality of a working man, we can catch sight of myth. The film director? Martin Scorsese

Below, the fashion film A tribute to Milan; he says “ It’s a city that allows you to express yourself. And respects you for this reason.”

Well, I think this approach contitutes one of the most interesting and valuable possibility of story telling with fashion film in luxury market: because myth is an ancient and fantastic story, created by unconventional people; here ordinary and extraordinary, fantasy and intellect, reality and dream live together.



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