Net aesthetic: the productive language

(by Simonetta Buffo)

What types of language can a brand use? And what is the result in a communication process?

“(…) fashion films are no longer a novelty” writes few days ago. Indeed, there is a great attention to the newest communication tool in the Fashion World.

Now we have a new goal as experts in fashion communication: it is to understand how fashion film works in a branding process. “(…)it takes a strong narrative and a smart distribution strategy to make one a success.”

According to me, the first step, to put in order this large quantity of very different fashion films, is to analyse their language.

You know: Fashion film is producing a new aesthetic. We proved it time ago (one year ago, more or less) do you remember?

Now we want to understand how this net aesthetic creates its own language, in other words how this system of codes, symbols and rules creates communication.

Till now I have found more different langauges; one of these is the productive language.

The definition is related to Sergej M. Ejzenštejn (1898-1948): like Ejzenstejn taugh us, editing can create a significance, putting close different images: in this way, editing becomes the real king of the movie.

In those fashion films using a productive language, editing produces brand contents. Images are real and, at the same time, evocative; but what is really relevant is that focus isn’t on a narrative plot, but it’s on each single frame. So each photo is an indipendent unit that can live by itself. And infact, many times, these frames are used also for the advertisng campaigns on fashion magazines.

Any excellent examples?

All the episodes of Dior Secret Garden, as in the last starring Rihanna

Or Louis Vuitton in The spirit of travel

Or Lanvin SS 2015

Or Kenzo by Toiletpaper SS 2015

Or Dolce&Gabbana SS 2015

Probably you have verified that sometimes fashion film using productive language represents the first evolution of backstage videos.

Ever, in a strategic plan of communication , this language looks as the best approach to show new collections and new products in general.


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