The overwhelming effect of the music

(by Simonetta Buffo)

There are fashion films where music and clothes are the real protagonists, and people are just background actores. The result? Enchanting.

In this long period without posting, obviously I have kept on observing fashion films and many times I have been moved by an aspect that now I’d like to share with you: it’s the pleasure that comes from overwhelming effect of music.

Of course, we know, the power of music in movie is great: I can’t imagine an amazing Sergio Leone’s movie without the support of Ennio Morricone’s music.

But in some fashion films, music has a role that is very similar to the role that it had in silent films.

Some examples?
In movies by SHOWStudio, for example: here, sound and music are absolut protagonists and they create a mix and match of conflicting emotions.

Nowadays the international panorama of fashion film is evolving very quickly: there are many different proposals that are working in different directions and many of them are very, very interesting.

Mine all Mine, for example, directed by Tell No One for Nowness .

It is a wondrous ballet, where clothes and music are the unique real protagonist: the music draws the soul of clothing and people can just perfom them. Like in a theatrical performance, it is created a fusion between dress and individual, for showing a state of mind. The end is great: clothes can live without man or woman, but man and woman without clothes are just people without life. Amazing.

Then, De Djess by Alice Rohrwacher, the last episode of The Women’s Tales by Miu Miu.

Here the soul of a dress is looking for its own human kindred soul. Nobody of human actores speaks a real language; on the opposite, the dress has its own “voice”: a musical sound for showing its deep feeling. Story building at all! In this movie, it’s great the relationship between sound and image, that puts on a show about the inner being of fashion; it creates brand contents in new forms of harmony and melody. The message is clear: clothes have a soul and, for this reason, they can show your deeper and secret personality. Wonderful.

I admit: I really love this kind of fashion film, because here music and clothes drive us into deep and secret labyrinths of the new fashion era.

So, now enjoy!


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