creating net-imaginary

(by Simonetta Buffo)

Fashion films create a communication strategy that accords with the new consumer’s expectations: they create net-imaginary. And now I’m going to prove it.

Involving instead of Persuading: Thanks to Fashion Films, brands leave their consumer to explore large interpretative and imaginative spaces; indeed many times the focus of fashion films is not about the brand, but about abstarct elements: fashion lovers watch them, because they are strange, different, unique.

Disclosing Instead of Declaiming : Images in these frames are often unclear and may be mysterious and subjective, but never absolute. Consumers discover new territory in their mind by means of fashion brands.

Enjoying Instead of Selling: Consequently, this Fashion Wonderland is something like a video game where consumers can lose themselves. Here, special heroes and heroines crowd the luxury market. The structure is mythological. The union of fantasy and real life creates a fascinating, mysterious and dreamlike world.

Innovating Instead of Repeating: Innovation has always been a must for business, particularly in the fashion market, but it is now the first condition of survival, and communication is a key tool. Indeed Fashion film is a revolutionary strategic communication solution created by fashion.

If you are interested about this, you can read the full article here


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